"In my 4 decades of practice, I've never seen any technique that's even close to the speed of PRRT™ in releasing pain. A chronic hamstring injury, which limited my ability to run, was resolved in less than 5 minutes. Both my patients and I have experienced this phenomenon on many occasions." --- Alan Schoengold, M.D., Internal Medicine, Poway , CA

PRRT Seminar Announcement

Be The “Go-To” Therapist to Help People Out of Pain Quickly

Dear Fellow Therapist —

Do you have clients that don”t respond to your treatment well as you’d expect? Are they still suffering from the same issues?

Is there something that you’re missing that could help you & your clients get better results?

For 14 years I’ve searched for answers to this question by buying a lot of books and attending many workshops and seminars in the realm of massage, energy medicine, exercise, and bodywork. Some of them were clinical and some a bit eccentric, but I still wasn’t satisfied with the results I was getting. I knew there was more we could achieve.

The second I heard about Primal Reflex Release Technique (PRRT) I was compelled to get the Home Study Course. I tried the techniques with a few clients and we were pretty surprised with the “magical” changes we observed. These were results I wasn’t able to get with other techniques. Now it’s pretty common for people to call me because they hear I’m the guy with the “magic hands.”

PRRT may seem like “magic” to some, but it’s based on neurophysiological principles that can be used to assess and treat the unconscious reflexes impeding proper recovery and health. This is an aspect that I didn’t find addressed in most manual therapy techniques.

Primal Reflex Release Technique (PRRT) was developed by John Iams who has spent over 40 years of research and development to address pain more effectively. He’s developed a technique that has repeatedly shown to get rid of long standing pain in a very short amount of time.

By learning PRRT, you’ll be able to do the same.

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What value can learning Primal Reflex Release Technique offer you?

  • A simple & fast way to assess and treat the hidden sources of pain
  • Set yourself apart from other therapists doing the same ol’ stuff
  • Blend PRRT with what you already do and get more powerful results
  • Work SMARTER, not harder – these techniques are non-invasive and won’t drain your energy
  • Avoid “Burn Out” & liven up your practice, and maybe even raise your rates
  • Can be learned quickly
  • No need for extra equipment
  • Techniques can be performed just about anywhere
  • Become known as the “Go-To” person in your community that finally helps people out of pain.

The PRRT Home Study Course

Within a few minutes you can get a jump start in learning PRRT through the Home Study Course. It’s offered in hard copy and online so you can access it at any computer with an internet connection. It also has a 30-day money back guarantee. Included in the PRRT Home Study Course are 2 DVDs/ videos, 2 CDs/ audios, Course Manual, & BONUS Book:

  • DVD/ Video #1 – PRRT™ Home Study Course (1 Minute Exam and Treatment) – Truly necessary to understand the application of PRRT. See all 9 techniques covering the head, neck, shoulder, shoulder girdle, ribs, & sternal areas performed by John Iams
  • DVD/ Video #2 – PowerPoint Lecture and Patient Demo – See John in action performing PRRT techniuqes in a live demo
  • CD/ Audio #1 – The Exciting Interview w/ John Iams, Developer of PRRT
  • CD/ Audio #2 – Mending Mankind – John Iams speaks about the important role we play in helping people out of pain
  • Course Manual – A valuable workbook and reference to your clinic’s library
  • Bonus Book – Stress Beyond Relief – John’s first book discussing a maneuver to stop the stress reflex in its tracks.

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The PRRT Basic Seminar

This 14-hour live seminar will empower you with 30 more effective techniques to add to your toolbox. Join other leading therapists in advancing the quality of their work and have access to an international network of PRRT practitioners as a resource to ask questions and get input on specific client issues. There is also a refund option if you don’t find any value in what you’re learning by lunch time on Saturday.

During the PRRT Basic Seminar, you will learn:

  • The 1-Minute NocioceptivExam™ – This rapid assessment will reveal to you what you’ve missed for your entire career. You’ll begin to understand why some patients fail with your best efforts and others succeed. From now on, you’ll know what’s going on, not just think you know.
  • 30 Mind-Boggling Primal Reflex Release Techniques – These never before seen Techniques are designed to address the most common conditions you face each day in your practice. You’ll witness other attendees being treated and see their pain released, usually in a matter of seconds. You’ll be ready to blow your patients away when you return to your practice the following workday. You’ll be given an extensively detailed manual with pictures and step-by-step description of each of the 30 techniques. You’ll want to treasure this manual and not let it out of your sight. You’ll marvel at the speed and ease of this work. Most techniques take about 12 seconds and there’s no force or manipulation involved. You body will feel rested at the end of a day doing PRRT™.

What makes PRRT™ so unique is its consistent ability to achieve 50% or greater lasting relief of pain. Most patients are finished within several visits or less.

PRRT Seminar Day 1 – Saturday, November 20, 2010
7:30 – 8:00am – Registration and Breakfast
8:00 – 8:30am – Introductions and the background of PRRT™
8:30 – 9:30am – The Science behind PRRT™
9:30 – 10:00am – One Minute Nocioceptive Exam™ (1MNE™)
10:00 – 10:15am – Break
10:15 – 12:00pm – Continue 1MNE™
12:00 – 1:00pm – Lunch
1:00 – 2:00pm – Begin PRRT™ techniques
2:00 – 2:30pm – PRRT™ patient testimonials (patients were treated with Basic PRRT™)
2:30 – 3:15pm – Continue PRRT™ techniques
3:15 – 3:30pm – Afternoon Break
3:30 – 5:00pm – Continue PRRT™ techniques
5:00 – 5:30pm – Review of day one
5:30 – 6:00pm – Question and answer session

PRRT Seminar Day 2 – Sunday, November 21, 2010
8:00 – 8:30am – Practice 1MNE™ and 6 primal techniques
8:30 – 10:00am – Continue PRRT™ techniques
10:00 – 10:15am – Break
10:15 – 12:00pm – Finish PRRT™ techniques
12:00 – 12:30pm – Introduction to Intermediate Level PRRT™ Seminar
12:30 – 1:00pm – Final question and answer session and complete seminar evaluations

— Schedule is subject to change —


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