Success Stories

“…5 Stars in my book of massage therapists!”

I am a certified massage therapist with an arthritic right hip and was referred to Angelo by a client of mine.  I had already had two hip replacements on the left side so arthritis was no stranger to me.  Because of the arthritis I was unable to exercise, such as walking, and my muscles began to atrophy in my right leg.  I had limited range of motion and a lot of pain.  The arthritis also caused imbalances throughout my body because my right leg was 3/4″ shorter than my left leg, which caused a pronounced limp.

After just one visit with Angelo it felt like I had a brand new hip!  I had more range of motion and dramatically less pain!  I was so amazed at the results I decided to enroll and learn this fabulous massage method myself!  I continued to see Angelo up until the day before I had my right hip replaced.  And now with a new hip I will continue to get treatment from Angelo to keep my body in balance.

Angelo is highly educated and has many years of training and experience.  He has several modalities that he combines into his massage session to give the client an overall wonderful massage experience.   I also had the honor of taking an anatomy class and learning the Hendrickson Method from Angelo and was impressed with his teaching skills and knowledge.

Angelo gets 5 stars in my book of massage therapists!

Jeanette Hoggatt

“…the pain and limp were gone…”

I sought Angelo’s care because I had suddenly developed severe pain diffusely in the upper leg, which persisted for weeks, despite rest, exercise, heat, causing me to limp.

Immediately after his first treatment session, there was noticeable relief, so I was almost free of pain.  After a few more sessions, the pain and limp were gone.

A month later, the same pain recurred, again without warning—but this time I was smart enough to immediately seek Angelo’s help, again with quick relief.  For the past several months, I have had no recurrences, and have resumed my normal activities, including tennis.

Angelo seemed to be able to find the muscle imbalances and musculoskeletal stresses that caused my pain, and, by very gentle, comfortable, and even curious manipulation of various parts (including areas which I thought were asymptomatic), then relieving the symptoms.  His technique doesn’t seem to be massage and is best described as a kind of “balancing” of muscles.  Even with my background as a physician, and despite Angelo’s patient explanation of his theory and method, I still admit that I remain a bit bewildered about exactly how it works.  But work it does, at least in my case.

Retired Medical Doctor

“…eliminated the pain in my right shoulder…”

I’ve had a number of therapeutic massage sessions with Angelo dela Cruz and I have great improvement in the range of motion of my right ankle and hip as well as a decrease of swelling in my foot and ankle.

He has eliminated the pain in my right shoulder which my doctor thought needed surgery. Each massage session leaves me both relaxed and energized to my delight.

Shirley Davidson

“…complements my training program…”

I work out rigorously every day. Given this regimen, I seek Angelo’s expertise to complement my training program. His experienced hands relax my tired muscles and improve my range of motion. Moreover, his wise counsel and warm spirit enhance my quality of life.

Angelo’s therapy is an integral part of my program and he is a delightful human being!

Susan Felton

“…regular race preparation and recovery program…”

I started ultra-running about 1 1/2 years ago. In the beginning I suffered from all sorts of problems, mostly with my knees and achilles. During my first 50 mile run, my knee problems got so bad I could not go down any stairs for 2 weeks after the race. At this point, a friend recommended Angelo to me.

Having tried massage therapy before, I was skeptical, however to my surprise Angelo did not only know where the problem was coming from (IT band), but completely fixed it in two sessions. Three months later, I finished my first 100 mile non-stop ultra trail run with 22000 ft of cumulative ascent and 22000 ft of descent – without any knee or other leg pain!

In fact I felt so good, I finished my next 100 miler just 4 weeks later. Within about one year I was able to finish 6 different mountainous 100 mile runs, the most recent one (Wasatch Front 100) with 27000 ft of steep climb and descent.

This was only possible because Angelo keeps my legs happy – visiting him before and after the race now belongs to my regular race preparation and recovery program. Angelo is a gifted therapist who produces great results – if you see (and feel) him at work and you’ll know what I mean.

I can highly recommend him without hesitation.

Beat Jegerlehner